Facebook Pages changes layout and adds functionality for brands

Late this afternoon, Facebook rolled out a new design for Pages, closely mirroring the recent changes made to the profiles, while also adding a variety of new functionality for brands.

New facebook pages layout

The new Facebook Pages layout

The most exciting change in my mind is the new ability for brands to interact. Admins can now use Facebook as the brand, enabling the brand to engage in conversations, like and comment on posts, and to post to other walls.   Admins can also browse Facebook as the brand, easily uploading content and behaving as you can when using Facebook as yourself.   Switching back and forth between a personal and brand identity is a snap – you can toggle back and forth with just one click.

PR Newswire liked a post on the Edelman Facebook page.

Other updates to Facebook pages include:

  • Notification for Admins when someone likes or comments on page content or the page itself.
  • Display of recent photos uploaded by the brand across the top of the page. The images are randomly displayed, however, admins can easily hide images.
  • Display of the page admins, along with their personal profile pictures at the top of the page.
  • Page navigation is now found on the left rail.
  • New filtering options for the wall enable display of content from the brand only, or everyone.

These are exciting changes that many Page admins have eagerly awaited.  However, with this new latitude comes responsibility.  Brands admins will need to be careful as they start interacting more with individuals and other brands on Facebook.  On the whole, however,  these changes are simple, straightforward, and will allow brands to interact more freely on Facebook.

Authored by Sarah Skerik, VP social media, PR Newswire.

5 responses to “Facebook Pages changes layout and adds functionality for brands

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  2. This is freakin’ WONDERFUL! I’ve been wanting this for quite some time. This gives a brand the chance to interact more with “potential” fans and bring a greater awareness to their brand .

    In addition, it will add greater interaction with the fans of a brand or celebrity kind of like how people get excited when a celebrity tweets their name.

    Bobby R. Bowden
    Creative Director
    – Roberto Raymon Clothing – http://RobertoRaymon.com

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  5. Great overview Sarah! Thanks for this.

    The simple toggling is going to be very helpful.


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