Got Twitter Anxiety? 5 Tips to Overcome It

In her last blog post RT Tips from #smwny: The Emerging Skills of Tomorrow’s #Journalists, PR Newswire’s Media Relations Manager Brett Simon talked about the growing use of Twitter by journalists. This is also true on the other side of the media fence where PR, marketing and others in the communications field are being required to use social media in order to better engage with their audiences. But the journey from traditional methods of sharing information to using social media can be bumpy as Brett discovered. For over a year now, she’s been honing her Twitter skills and now today she is part of the @PRNewswire twitter team posting tweets throughout each day. How did she overcome her Twitter anxiety? Watch her video and find out.

2 responses to “Got Twitter Anxiety? 5 Tips to Overcome It

  1. Brett – This is so awesome! I’m sending this to my sister. We were just having a conversation about this last night. And this video is perfect for where she’s at right now with Twitter. Thanks!

  2. Great! Being your sister, I’m sure she’ll catch on in no time and be tweeting like crazy before we know it.

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