BlogHer: Your Blog Can Make You a Social Media Marketer

For blogger Marcy Massura (@marcymassura), Google+ has been a big help with social media marketing and building her brand.

Massura, who serves as a community manager and strategist for Weber Shandwick, said she amassed as many followers on Google+ in six weeks as it took for her to collect on Twitter over four years’ time.

“I’m in pretty deep,” Massura told a room full of bloggers during a BlogHer 2011 talk called Your Blog Can Make You a Social Media Marketer (#bh11smmarketer). “Google+ is the biggest change to blogging. It’s a game changer. It’s a long format publisher and in many cases can replace a blog.”

But that’s not something she recommends, Massura said. She said it’s still important for bloggers and brands to have business sites.

At the very least, it’s worth exploring Google+, she told the group.

Massura was joined by thousands of bloggers recently at the San Diego Convention Center for BlogHer 2011, learning from other bloggers and brands about doing business.

Elisa Page (@elisac) with said she preferred Google+ over Facebook because of the diversity of content there.

“I’m friends with lots of moms with small children and when I joined Facebook – there’s a lot of talk about moms and their children,” she said. “With Google+, the conversation is more about me. It made suggestions for me and found people like me. So I’m building a community there — more diversity of content and people.”

Other lessons from this panel via Twitter:

    • Via @halogenmedia: “when you represent a brand you are a digital spokesperson, 24/7″ – Marcy Massura @theglamlife #blogher11 #bh11smmarketer
    • Via @catherinekaram: Unlike social media gurus, bloggers are actually doing social media, not just retweeting Mashable. #BlogHer11 #bh11smmarketer // AWESOME!
    • Via @lyzl: “Stop tweeting inspirational quotes. That’s our PSA for the day.” @melissalion #bh11smmarketer #blogher11
    • Via @mummytime: If you’re a brand wanting to engage with bloggers. Forget about the ‘A’ list. Create and find your ‘A’ list. #blogher11 #bh11smmarketer
    • Via @juliey: @melissalion advice: Social media is all about content. Look at types of content hiring managers need. #bh11smmarketer
    • Via @bostonblogmom: Don’t say it on the internet if you wouldn’t feel comfortable saying it your boss’s office. @melissalion #bh11smmarketer #blogher11

Christine Cube is a media relations manager for PR Newswire and freelance writer. You can follow her @cpcube.

4 responses to “BlogHer: Your Blog Can Make You a Social Media Marketer

  1. Hi there, thanks for writing about our panel. Just wanted to make a small, but important clarification: My comment was that Facebook feeds me lots of ADS about small children because I’m friends with lots of moms of small children. So the frame around my Facebook never seems that relevant to me.

    Of course Google isn’t showing ads at all yet, so it has an unfair advantage of not yet making those same algorithmic mis-steps :)

    Elisa Camahort Page

  2. Awesome. Thanks for the clarification, Elisa. You guys gave a great presentation. It was cool sitting in. ~Christine

  3. Thanks Christine…it was a fun one, and hopefully also really *useful* to a lot of folks. Here’s a link to the transcript if anyone wants to get really geeky and read it verbatim :)

  4. In the industry of social networking and online marketing, one of the major components to being successful is your ability to stay up to date with the most current information. By harnessing this knowledge, you place yourself in a position to give back to the community by providing or teaching it back to your prospects, customers and followers.

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