Blog Notes: ‘I’ll Tumblr For Ya’

Working as the blogger relations manager for PR Newswire, I come across my fair share of great blogs that cover a wide variety of subject matters and interests.  And as you might expect, some blogs are better than others. With that in mind and in an effort to highlight the better ones, I do my best to review one of these blogs every day.

This week my focus is on tumblr blogs. You’ve heard of tumblr, right? It’s the fastest-growing blog platform out there, so I figured I ought to take some time investigating it.  Tumblr is both a publishing platform and a newsfeed. I like to call it a long-form version of twitter. It’s like facebook, but without updates from people you knew in junior high. On the one hand, tumblr is a great place to see the internet’s most truly random offering. For instance, The Cosby Sweater Project, Feminist Ryan Gosling or this one that publishes the same picture of Dave Coulier every day. Tumblr can be the home of the internet’s latest fads. But on the other hand, I’ve discovered serious news has a home on tumblr. Classic brands like Newsweek, LA Times, The Economist, Mother Jones, The Atlantic and NPR have not only embraced this format, they’ve thrived here.  And as we’ll see below, a host of newcomers have helped wrangle this frontier. So with that in mind, let’s get ready to “like” and “reblog” as we enjoy this brief roundup of some of the best tumblr blogs I’ve seen lately.

As the name might suggest, Brooklyn Mutt is a lot of things. It covers news, politics media and pop culture. If I were to pitch this blog, I’d look for something to do with the parameters I just mentioned. Or I’d look for something to do with New York sports and hope it spills over to his personal blog. Check out the full review here.

ShortFormBlog is all, or anyway a lot of the day’s stories delivered quickly. It’s the perfect news site for the ADD-impaired among us. If I were to pitch this tumblr blog, I’d keep it quick. Seems to me they might not appreciate any long-winded correspondence. Check out the full review here.

The Future Journalism Project is a news site that covers news, but also the news of news… if that makes sense. They’re interested in today’s stories. But they’re also interested in how tomorrow’s stories will be reported. If I were to pitch this tumblr blog, I’d look for anything to do with technology and publishing. Check out the full review here.

Soup is the “uncontested king of tumblr” according to the New York Times. So if you’re new to the format, maybe give him a follow. If I were to pitch this tumblr blog, I’d make sure it’s a good one as Soup seems to be a no-nonsense kind of guy. Having said (typed?) that, I’d look for anything to do with social media and journalism. Check out the full review here.

NewsFlick is a snapshot of today’s news. The site moves easily from updates from the Middle East to animal pictures.  If I were to pitch this tumblr blog, I’d look for stories having to do with foreign affairs. Check out the full review here.

That’s all for now. In the meantime, if there’s a blog (or tumblr) I should be reviewing, drop me a line or a note in the comments, and I’ll take a look. Until next time…

Author Tom Hynes is PR Newswire’s manager of blogger relations. And as you may have guessed, he has a twitter account… AND a tumblr page.

4 responses to “Blog Notes: ‘I’ll Tumblr For Ya’

  1. Tumblr is probably one of the best.
    The amount of coverage from people all over the world is great.

  2. Tom, I enjoyed your list of Tumblr blogs – a few gems I didn’t know. Thought I’d also share my ever-growing list of 230+ PR

  3. Sorry, meant to include the link to list of 230+ Top PR bloggers

  4. Thanks for the link, Jeff. I’ll take a look at that list. Happy New Year!

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