Vote for Your Favorite Earnies Finalists!

The messages – and the media – vary widely, and the outcomes are all over the map.  Grand Rapids, Michigan stood up to Newsweek’s labeling it a ‘dying city.’ Big brands debued products, charities raised awareness, and a guy named Byron pitched himself – he was looking for a job.

Take a minute and be inspired, awed, touched and amused by the Earnies finalists – and then cast your vote for your favorite (and good luck choosing!)  These awards are crowdsourced – our audience will have the final say!

Earnies voting closes on Valentine’s Day — February 14.  Review the entries and then show your love by casting your votes here:

(Oh, and Byron – congrats on landing your dream job! Woot!)

One response to “Vote for Your Favorite Earnies Finalists!

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