Online Video: Integral to PR & Content Marketing

Earlier this week, we released the results of a study of press releases and rich media. For those that missed the post, press releases that include video and other multimedia assets generate almost ten times more views than plain text message garner.  (See: Press Releases With Multimedia Get More Views)

At the Monaco Media Summit,  David Levin, CEO of PR Newswire’s parent company, UBM, was interviewed by Beet TV (“Online Video is Multi-Million Dollar PR Biz for London’s UBM“) on the subject of content marketing and video.   The video clip of the interview at the top of this post offers some great perspective on the role (and effectiveness) of video in PR and content marketing campaigns.   Specifically, Levin discusses how we’re syndicating customers’ videos via our network of thousands of Web sites and providing tools to “socialize” video campaigns.

If you’ve thought that video was a one-trick pony named YouTube, it’s time to think again.  Fact is, video content is wildly popular.  Early roadblocks to consumption, such as incompatible formats, bandwidth constraints and high barriers to entry, have largely fallen by the wayside.  We’re streaming video on our phones while we wait for the train these days.  The format is not just one our audiences enjoy – it’s one they expect.

And YouTube? It’s the second largest search engine in the world, behind its parent, Google.  Integration between the two is already tight, and is becoming even more seamless.   Video is becoming ubiquitous.  Is this medium embedded into your content planning and PR campaigns?

Need some help getting started with video for your organization?  We have a free white paper titled “Building Brand Engagement Through Online Video” that will provides some great guidance and tips.

Sarah Skerik is PR Newswire’s vice president of social media.

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