6 Visual Content Trends from Content Marketing World

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If anyone in the Content Marketing World session featuring Todd Wheatland titled “Visual Content Marketing Strategies You Probably Aren’t Using and Should,” had any doubts about the importance of visuals in a content strategy, it’s very safe to say that their doubts were allayed.  Incorporating visuals into campaigns is no longer an option for marketers, it’s an imperative. 

However, as is the case in social media, search engine optimization and pretty much any other marketing discipline, the best practices for using visual content are constantly changing, because the tools, channels and networks we use to consume that content is always evolving.  Here are the top trends and tips Todd shared today.

  1. Short form video.  The biggest news about Twitter this year is Vine. Instagram is going all in on video, and they’re using the 15 second format that is already a standard broadcast TV medium.   Bonus: it’s mobile friendly.
  2. Paid promotion.  Did you know that most viral videos have been given a big leg up through paid promotion?  If you want your video to go viral, first be certain that it is fantastic.  Then get out the wallet and buy some promo.  Wednesday at Content Marketing World – learn to drive discovery of YOUR content  
  3. Explainer videos.  Explainers are 60-90 second calling cards for your brand that cut to the chase, explaining what the company does and why you should work with them. (Here’s an explainer we created for Multivu.  
  4. Using visuals to repurpose (and refresh) old content.  Create a video or graphic to illustrate an old blog post or paper, to reinvigorate the message and trigger social sharing.  
  5. Multichannel communications.  One important benefit of visual content is that it works well across platforms (computers, tablets, phones) and networks (social media, web, on demand.) Visuals are very good for reaching audiences where they live.   
  6. Animated GIFs. 

Tomorrow at Content Marketing World I’ll be presenting on driving content discovery,  in a session titled “10 Online Discovery Tips that Will Get Your Content Promoted.

I’ll be offering 19 (instead of the previously advertised 10) ways to build an element of discovery into your content strategy, and to promote the discovery of the information your brand publishes.  Here’s a sneak peek:

CMW session snippet

Author Sarah Skerik is PR Newswire’s vice president of content marketing, and is the author of the e-books Unlocking Social Media for PR and the newly-published  New School Press Release Tactics.  Follow her on Twitter at @sarahskerik.


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