The Content We Most Loved in 2013

ContentWeLoveAs we wind down 2013 and look forward to the new year, we took a look at some of the campaigns and messages highlighted this year on Content We Love.    The most popular posts for the year fell into three categories:  examples of  multimedia/multichannel campaigns, message distribution and writing tactics.  here are the top posts of the year, for each of these key categories:

Multimedia & Multichannel Campaigns

Content We Love: the Press Release Behind the Dove “Real Beauty Sketches” Campaign :

Content We Love: A Message in a Bottle (and a Multimedia News Release)

Content We Love: Michaels Stores Crafting Multimedia

Content Distribution: 

Content We Love: A Feel Great Story Gets A Boost:

Content We Love: Curating Company Content & Keeping it Current

Writing Tactics: 

Content We Love: Backbone of Storytelling :

Content We Love: A Press Release Built for Action

Content We Love: Social Media Makes This Release Pop

Content We Love: A Masterful News Hook

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