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Content We Love: Visteon Demonstrates the Future of Automotive Technology and the Future of Press Releases


Click here to view the complete press release

Click here to view the complete press release

Marketers today strive towards a mutually beneficial relationship between brand and consumer.  More and more companies are recognizing the advantages that press releases deliver to marketers in distributing owned content that educates their target customer. Visteon Corporation’s recent press release “3-D Gesture Recognition, Virtual Touch Screen Bring New Meaning to Vehicle Controls,” reminds us that the brand mention doesn’t have to be front and center. Instead, the customer benefit is the focal point of this announcement.

Get to the point, literally.  An easy-to-read bullet point list outlines the benefits of Visteon’s new invention. 3-D gesture recognition is a complex concept for people to understand, so it’s important to eliminate jargon when introducing new information.

Include visuals for further understanding. I was personally intrigued by how this new technology functions in everyday practice. Visteon offers a look at how their new “automotive cockpit” concept actually works by adding short and to the point video to their release demonstrating each of the features highlighted in the bulleted list.

Provide research that validates a need for your new product or concept.  For instance, Visteon noted that 70 percent of the participants who test-drove the cockpit concept were very interested in not having to search for a physical volume knob. That’s a large majority!

A focused call to action linking to Visteon’s blog, offers more supporting evidence and drives reader traffic directly to the company’s owned content.

Given the complexity of this topic, this press release serves as a great example of how to leverage distribution in order to effectively communicate and educate consumers. Nice job, Visteon!

Author Alyse Lamparyk is a Customer Content Specialist for PR Newswire. Follow her on twitter @alyselamp.

PR is Alive & Well In the Information Age

Is PR dead?   According to a post on Marketing Profs today titled How the Information Age Killed Public Relations… and What You Can Do About It, “…Edward Bernays’s flavor of PR is dying, and we’re in the process of watching a whole new era of marketing rise from the ashes.”

According to a recent study sponsored by InPowered and conducted by Nielsen, content marketing is 88% less effective than public relations, due in large part to the outsize influence earned media wields over the public.    Why? It’s simple. Earned media – defined as content created by credible third party experts – consistently provided more benefit to brands than did user generated or branded content.

Source: InPowered & Neilsen

Source: InPowered & Neilsen

Arguably, earned media is more important than ever.  It drives social buzz, has a powerful influence on search ranking, and holds significant sway with audiences, and last time I looked, PR owns earned media generation.

But earned media isn’t the sole preoccupation of PR.  The information age has transformed reputation and influence.  If we’re assessing the health and viability of PR,  we need to ask a couple more questions.

Is reputation management dead? 

Heavens, no, and it’s more important — and visible—than ever.  Online reviews and social buzz have immediate impact on brands today, and can have persistent long-tail effects digitally.  Reputation management is an increasingly complex and vitally important practice.

Do influencers matter?

Any communicator worth their salt knows the value of the influencer.  How do you influence your brand’s influentials?  Building relationships with key media, bloggers and analysts  – the emerging practice of influencer relations – is the cornerstone of building visibility for a brand.

Fact is, PR continues to evolve, and it’s not marketing.  If anything, the information age has created myriad opportunities for public relations practitioners.  I’d argue that we’re entering a golden age for PR.

Today’s PR pros are charged with building brand authority and credibility, devising reputation management strategies and generating the relevant earned media on which strong digital brands are based.     And they’re doing all of this in real time, marshaling and deploying resources, experts and messaging proactively, getting in front of crisis before and finding opportunities for the brands they represent.

Public relations does have a PR problem, and that problem is exacerbated every time a brand or agency engages in a campaign that isn’t authentic.  We are living in an age of radical transparency, and whitewashing unsavory stories doesn’t work.  The truth will out, and it will be ugly for the brand that is attempting to hide it.

But it’s silly to say the profession is dead.  From my point of view, the rapidly-changing discipline of PR only grows more important for brands and organizations as the media and information markets continue to fragment.

Author Sarah Skerik is PR Newswire’s vice president of content marketing, and is the author of  the ebook  New School Press Release TacticsFollow her on Twitter at @sarahskerik.

3 Tips for Employing Compelling Visuals in Your Storytelling Strategy

Employing Visual Content for Compelling Storytelling DC

Speakers from these brands will be featured at PR Newswire’s “Employing Visual Content for Compelling Storytelling” event in Washington, D.C. on April 22

In today’s digital age, we are all viewing, sharing, or creating multimedia content on a daily basis to fulfill a variety of educational and emotional needs. Given the enormous presence of visuals in our personal lives, the importance of organizations producing this type of content to garner higher visibility, spark interaction, generate leads, and build loyalty among target audiences is unquestionable, but still a challenge for many. Marketing and communications experts from leading organizations will be tackling this subject at PR Newswire’s “Employing Visual Content for Compelling Storytelling” forum tomorrow in Washington, D.C., but offered a few words of advice before the event on how visual content developers can strengthen their efforts.

Balance creativity with your business strategy

Peter LaMotte, senior vice president and digital communications chair at Levick, describes the balance between creativity and business strategy as two separate but supportive halves of every visual content strategy. “We tend to focus a lot on the creativity aspect,” he says, “but if there is no connection to the business strategy or marketing strategy, it’s going to fall flat.”

Some marketers make the mistake of creating content that is culturally popular but not necessarily suited for their clients or business goals, which can be confusing for the demographic they are trying to reach. “If your content becomes viral and highly shareable in a group that can have no influence on your business, then you’ve wasted a lot of time, money and effort,” asserts LaMotte, “however, if a fraction of that size of individuals are engaged yet its dead in the right of who you want to reach, then it can be worth every penny spent.”

Balance your efforts by aiming for high levels of engagement with all of your content using a call-to-action. It can be as simple as an implied way of thinking to build awareness of certain campaigns, or directing viewers to a website, form, or social media page. Engagement is what will get your audience to pay attention to your messages.

Create easy access to your content

One of the ways that the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety helps make cars and highways safer is by producing high quality visuals such as slow-motion footage of crash tests that are compelling for the media and supplies them with the elements they need to tell their story. According to the organization’s Senior Vice President of Communications, Russ Rader, not making your visual content readily accessible for the media is one of the biggest mistakes you can make.

“It’s often a challenge for the media to get the content that they want and need to tell their story,” Rader says, “when we send out releases, we include all of the visual material in easy-to-access links so media can download hi-res images and video. I often hear from reporters that they have to contact PR people to get what they need and then the response comes way too late for them to use what was sent.” Through syndication, your content can reach a wider audience, generate awareness, and earns timely media for your organization.

Determine what metrics matter the most for your brand

“The web allows a variety of ways to measure the impact of content. Downloads, page views, branded search trends, and social sentiment analysis are just a few,” says Ryan Smedstad, director of creative services at Penske Truck Leasing, “but, there’s not one single method for measurement. Ultimately, you have to decide what metrics matter most for your brand.”

LaMotte’s advice is to measure your content based on the KPI’s and calls-to-action of your organization’s larger marketing strategy. “For a campaign that has a very clear CTA, it makes it very easy to see what the impact of that content is. For content that is more about brand awareness or issue, then it’s going to require a smarter strategy around measurement,” he explains, “at the end of day, it’s about those KPI’s that you have already established in the marketing strategy or in the onset of a campaign that you have to stick with because that’s what is going drive creating the content to begin with and that’s how you have to measure the content in the end.”

If you are in the Washington, D.C. area and would like to attend the event, there’s still time! Follow the link to register for “Employing Visual Content for Compelling story” now:

MEDIA News: Media Moves at The Wall Street Journal, ESPN The Magazine,The Atlantic and More… Newswire’s Audience Research Department makes thousands of updates to the  database of journalists and bloggers that underpins our Agility media targeting and distribution platform.  Below is a sampling of recent media moves and news from the research team.  Learn more about Agility media targeting here.

Wall Street Journal The Wall Street Journal (New York, NY): Alistair Barr (@alistairmbarr) has left USA Today to join @WSJ to cover Google’s operations in Silicon Valley. Business Insider (@businessinsider) Reporter Steven Perlberg (@perlberg) moves to The Journal as well beginning the first of April. Erik Holm (@erikholmwsj) is now Deputy Editor of the MoneyBeat blog.

ESPN The Magazine ESPN The Magazine (Bristol, CT): Editor-in-Chief of @ESPNMag Chad Millman (@chadmillman) ( is also now the Editor-in-Chief of (@espn).  In addition, beginning in June, Rick Reilly (@ReillyRick) will end his sports column for the magazine. However he will switch over to do television for the company.

Washington Post The Washington Post (Washington, DC): Ryan McCarthy (@mccarthyryanj) is the new Assistant Business Editor at the Post.

The Atlantic The Atlantic (Washington, DC): David Frum (@davidfrum)( is the new Senior Editor @TheAtlantic.

The Associated Press Associated Press (New York, NY): Associated Press (@AP) Business Editor Hal Ritter is retiring early next month.

Los Angeles Times Los Angeles Times (Los Angeles, CA): The LA Times (@LATimes) has named Stacey Leasca (@SLeasca)( Social Media Editor.

Morning Consult (Washington, DC): Emily Holden (@emilyhholden)( has left Roll Call to join Morning Consult as Energy Editor.

Philanthropy Chronicle of Philanthropy (Washington, DC): Former Bloomberg Government Managing Editor Daniel Parks (@itsdanparks) is the new Managing Editor @Philanthropy.

National JournalNational Journal (Washington, D.C.): Emma Roller (@EmmaRoller) ( is now working @NationalJournal as a Politics Blogger. Jason Plautz (@Jason_Plautz) ( is the new Energy Reporter for the outlet.

The New RepublicThe New Republic (Washington, D.C.) The New Republic (@TNR) has hired Brian Beutler (@BrianBeutler) as a Senior Editor.

Essence Magazine Essence Magazine (New York, NY): Lauren Williams (@LaurnWilliams) ( is now the News Editor @EssenceMag. Meanwhile, Aretha Busby (@arethabusby) is no longer with the magazine where she served as Beauty Director. In addition, Emil Wilbekin (@EmilWilbekin) is no longer the Editor-at-Large at Essence Online. He has held that position since January 2012.

MORE MagazineMore Magazine (New York, NY): More Magazine (@MoreMag) welcomes Debra Birnbaum (@debrabirnbaum) ( as acting Entertainment Editor.

PIX11 WPIX-11 (New York, NY): WPIX-11 (@WPIX) welcomes Andy Adler (@Andy_Adler) ( to the Morning News team as Entertainment and Sports Reporter. She will start April 7.

Prevention Magazine Prevention Magazine (New York, NY): Emma Haak (@EmmaHaak27) ( joins Prevention (@PreventionMag) as Associate Editor.

People magazinePeople Magazine (New York, NY): Henry Goldblatt (@henrygoldblatt) ( moves from Deputy Editor of Entertainment Weekly (@EW) to Deputy Editor of People (@Peoplemag). Also, Elizabeth Gleick (@BetsyGleick) ( moves from Executive Editor to Deputy Editor for Human Interest.

The Weather Channel The Weather Channel (Atlanta, GA): Veteran Meteorologist Dave Schwartz ( is returning to the air @weatherchannel next month after a number of years away.

Teen Vogue Teen Vogue (New York, NY): Emily Gaynor (@emgaynor) ( ) is the new Assistant Beauty Editor here.

FOX News (New York, NY): Contributor Scott Brown (@SenScottBrown) has left the network to pursue a run for US Senate in New Hampshire.

SI KIDS Sports Illustrated for Kids (New York, NY): Managing Editor Bob Der announced his departure from Sports Illustrated for Kids (@SIKids), a position he held for the past eight years.

TOWN&COUNTRY Town & Country Magazine (New York, NY): Jay McInerney (@JayMcInerney) has joined Town & Country (@TandCmag) as a Monthly Contributor. He will write about wine beginning in the June/July issue.

CNN CNN – New York Bureau (New York, NY): CNN Los Angeles Reporter Miguel Marquez (  is moving cross country to report for CNN (@cnn) in New York.

NewsHourPBS NewsHour (Arlington, VA): Domenico Montanaro (@DomenicoPBS) will soon be a Political Editor and Senior Producer at PBS NewsHour (@Newshour).

SHAPE magazine Shape Magazine (New York, NY): Cassie Shortsleeve (@CShortsleeve) ( is the new Senior Online Editor for Shape (@Shape_Magazine).

Entertainment Weekly Entertainment Weekly (New York, NY): Stephanie Robbins (@StephRobbins) ( is the new Web Editor for Entertainment Weekly (@EW). She is based in L.A.

Sunset Magazine Sunset Magazine (Menlo Park, CA): Christine Ryan ( is now the new Senior Features Editor at Sunset (@SunsetMag). Chicagoist (Chicago, IL): Melissa McEwen (@melissamcewen) has joined @Chicagoist as the Food and Drink Editor. McEwen replaces Anthony Todd (@FoodieAnthony) (, who recently joined the Tasting Table (@TastingTable) as Chicago Editor.

KOAA-TV (Colorado Springs, CO): The NBC affiliate has hired Valerie Abati as Meteorologist. Abati was most recently at KSBW-TV in Salinas, CA.

Star Tribune Star Tribune (Minneapolis, MN): Patrick Condon ( (@patricktcondon) has joined the Star Tribune (@StarTribune)  as a Reporter, covering Minnesota state politics and government. He was previously at the Associated Press – Minneapolis Bureau.

Mental Floss Mental Floss (Chesterland, OH): Hannah Keyser (@HannahRKeyser) is now writing for Mental Floss Magazine (@Mental_Floss).

theGrio.comtheGrio (@theGrio) ( Lilly Workneh (@Lilly_Works) ( is now the “Living” Section Editor here.

The Intercept The Intercept (@The_Intercept) ( John Cook (@JohnJCook) is joining The Intercept as Editor-in-Chief.

Pursuitist Luxury Pursuitist (@Pursuitist) ( McLean Robbins (@DeaconDoesDC) ( is now the East Coast Editor.

Yahoo Yahoo! (@Yahoo) ( Lisa Belkin (@LisaBelkin) has joined Yahoo! as a Senior National Correspondent.

WCCO - CBS Minnesota WCCO-TV (Minneapolis, MN): Kim Johnson (@KimJohnsonABC4) has been hired as the new Saturday Morning Anchor at the NBC affiliate, starting in May. She comes to WCCO from KTVX-TV in Salt Lake City. Also at the station, Jason Matheson (@jasonmatheson) has been brought on as a Reporter for the evening news.

Roll Call Roll Call (Washington, DC): Senate Reporter Meredith Shiner (@meredithshiner) is no longer @rollcall.

LA Business Journal Los Angeles Business Journal (Los Angeles, CA): Reporter Tom Dotan is no longer with the Los Angeles Business Journal (@LABJcommunity). He covered technology and hospitality.

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MEDIA News: National Journal, The New Republic, The Wall Street Journal and More Newswire’s Audience Research Department makes thousands of updates to the  database of journalists and bloggers that underpins our Agility media targeting and distribution platform.  Below is a sampling of recent media moves and news from the research team.  Learn more about Agility media targeting here.

National Journal National Journal (Washington, DC): Amanda Cormier has been hired as Managing Editor @nationaljournal.

The New RepublicThe New Republic (Washington, D.C.): Alice Robb (@AliceLRobb) and Danny Vinik (@DannyVinik) are now Staff Writers for The New Republic (@TNR).

Wall Street JournalThe Wall Street Journal (New York, NY): Jack Marshall (@JackMarshall) is leaving Digiday for a position as Advertising and Marketing Reporter at the Journal (@WSJ).

The New York Times The New York Times (New York, NY): Publishing Reporter Julie Bosman (@JulieBosman) is leaving The New York Times (@nytimes) to move to Chicago as Midwest Correspondent. Also, Former Technology Editor Kevin McKenna (@kemcke) is now Deputy Business Editor. In addition, Adrienne Carter (@adriennecarter) has become International Business Editor.

The New York Times – Chicago Bureau (Chicago, IL): Julie Bosman (@juliebosman) joins the daily (@nytimes) as a Midwest Correspondent covering book publishing.

The Star-Ledger The Star-Ledger (Newark, NJ): Business Editor Rick Everett announced his retirement from The Star-Ledger  (@starledger).  There is currently no replacement.

New York Post New York Post (New York, NY): Veteran Reporter Jeane MacIntosh is leaving the Post (@nypost) to join a PR firm. She has been a staple at the paper for nearly 20 years where she started @PageSix.

IBTimes The International Business Times – New York Bureau (New York, NY): Peter Goodman (@petersgoodman) is leaving The Huffington Post (@HuffingtonPost) to become Editor-in-Chief of The International Business Times (@IBTimes).

Cosmopolitan Cosmopolitan (New York, NY): Cosmopolitan (@Cosmopolitan) welcomes Madeline Haller (@madeline_haller) as Social Media Editor and Patti Greco (@PattiGreco) as the Online Entertainment Editor. She begins March 24th.
AdweekAdweek (New York, NY): Long-time Blogger and Contributor David Griner (@griner) becomes the first Social Editor at Adweek (@Adweek). Also, Staff Writer Christopher Heine (@chris_heine) has been promoted to Digital Editor. Also, Michelle Castillo (@MishCastillo) and Kristina Monllos (@KristinaMonllos) are joining as Staff Writers.

Crain's Chicago Crain’s Chicago Business (Chicago, IL): Illinois Political Reporter, Editor and Blogger Rich Miller (@capitolfax) is set to join the trade publication (@CrainsChicago) as Political Columnist.

NBC Chicago WMAQ-TV (Chicago, IL): Tammy Leitner (@TammyLeitnerNBC), a Peabody Award-winning Reporter is joining the NBC station’s (@nbcchicago) expanded investigative unit as Investigative Reporter.

Los Angeles Times Los Angeles Times (Los Angeles, CA): LA Times (@latimes) Staff Writer Sam Quinones who was already on sabbatical while writing a book has parted ways with the paper. Tim Logan (@bytimlogan) joins as Real Estate Reporter from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and Reporter Dawn Chmielewski has parted ways with the paper for a position with Re/code (@recode).

Bloomberg News – Los Angeles Bureau (Los Angeles, CA): Anousha Sakoui (@anoushasakoui) joins the Los Angeles Bureau as a Reporter covering Hollywood.

BillboardThe Hollywood Reporter (Los Angeles, CA): Music Editor Shirley Halperin (@shirleyhalperin) is now also Music Editor for Billboard (@billboard).

The Game 87.7 WGWG-FM (Chicago, IL): Jarrett Payton (@paytonsun) is set to join the sports/talk station (@gamechicago) as afternoon Co-Host with Harry Teinowitz (@HeyTweetHarry) and Spike Manton. You may know Payton as the former NFL running back and son of the late Walter Payton.

Local 12/WKRC-TV WKRC-TV (Cincinnati, OH): Sheila Gray (@SheilaGrayTV) joins as Co-Anchor of Good Morning Cincinnati at the CBS station (@Local12). Tiffany Wilson is leaving the morning show to join her husband in San Francisco.

Chicago Sun-Times Chicago (Chicago, IL): The daily (@Suntimes) is set to rehire four photographers after cutting the entire photo staff last year. – CNN (New York, NY): (@CNNMoney) welcomes Heather Long (@byHeatherLong) aboard as Markets and Investing Editor.

CBS NewsCBS News (New York, NY): Vinita Nair is now a CBS News Correspondent in
addition to Co-Host of CBS This Morning: Saturday (@CBSThisMorning).

CBS News – Miami Bureau (Miami, FL): CBS News (@CBSNews) welcomes Vicente Arenas as a Miami Correspondent.

WBZ-TV (Boston, MA): Katie Brace bids farewell to Atlanta’s WGCL-TV and joins Boston’s WBZ-TV to Co-Anchor the weekend evening news

The Litchfield County Times
(Torrington, CT): Jenny Golfin (@JennyGrc) joins the paper as a Breaking News Reporter.

The Middletown Press The Middletown Press (Middletown, CT): The paper (@Middletownpress) hires Kaitlyn Schroyer (@whenravensfly) as a Breaking News Reporter

New Haven Register The New Haven Register (New Haven, CT): Charlotte Adinolfi (@NHR_CharlotteA) and Mercy Quaye (@Mrs_WriteNow) join the paper (@nhregister) both as Breaking News Reporters. Previously, Quaye was a Reporter for sister paper The Register Citizen. 

The TelegraphThe Telegraph (Hudson, NH): The paper (@NashuaTelegraph) has hired Jim Konig as Publisher.

WAAF-FM (Boston, MA): Later on this month, Rob Stevens will join the rock station as a Producer for the Hill-Man Morning Show

(Hamden, CT): Afternoon Host Mike Bower has parted ways with ESPN’s sports radio WAVZ-AM.

BuzzFeed BuzzFeed (New York, NY): BuzzFeed (@BuzzFeed) welcomes Jeremy Singer-Vine (@jsvine) as  Data Editor.  He moves to BuzzFeed from The Wall Street Journal (@WSJ).

Esquire MagazineEsquire Magazine (New York, NY): Andrew Luecke joins Esquire (@Esquiremag) as Online Style Editor.

KFOGRadio KFOG-FM (San Francisco, CA): Music Director/Host Renee Richardson moves from midday to mornings as Annalisa Parziale returns as Midday Host for KFOG-FM (@KFOGRadio).

KFWB NEWS TALK 980 KFWB News Talk 980 (Los Angeles, CA): KFWB News Talk 980 (@KFWB) is losing General Manager Valerie Blackburn next month. No replacement has been named.

KREV-FM (San Francisco, CA): San Francisco station KREV-FM names James Palomares (@djsupajames) Program Director and Eric Sean Casucci is Assistant Program Director/Music Director.

Huffington Post The Huffington Post (@HuffingtonPost):: Sara Bondioli (@SBondioli) has been hired at The Huffington Post as the Deputy Politics Editor. She begins March 14th.

HuffPost Taste (New York, NY): Rebecca Orchant (@SMcPickles) is no longer at HuffPost Taste
(@HuffPostTaste), where she was Associate Food Editor.

Travel + Leisure Travel + Leisure (New York, NY): Laura Begley Bloom (@laurabegley) is leaving her role as Deputy Editor at Travel + Leisure (@TravlandLeisure).

WNYM-AM (New York, NY): Joe Piscopo (@JrzyJoePiscopo) has joined the station as Host of Piscopo in the Morning from 6am-9am.

Good Housekeeping Good Housekeeping (New York, NY): Lauren Piro (@HelloLaurenPiro) is the new Web Editor for Good Housekeeping (@GoodHouseMag). She replaces Nicole Price Fasig.

HGTV Magazine HGTV Magazine (New York, NY): Kate English Mankoff (@KOEMankoff) has been named Associate Publisher at HGTV Magazine (@HGTVMag).

The Awl
(New York, NY): John Herrman (@jwherrman) of BuzzFeed (@Buzzfeed) and Matt Buchanan (@Mattbuchanan) of The New Yorker (@NewYorker) are leaving their respective publications to join The Awl (@Awl) as Editors.

The Daily Southerner (Tarboro, NC): The Southerner has promoted Calvin Adkins to News Editor upon the retirement of Editor/Publisher John Walker.

FOX10News | WALA WALA-TV (Mobile, AL): Former WCBD-TV (@wcbd) News Director Scott Flannigan is now News Director at WALA-TV (@FOX10News) in Mobile, AL.

PHLBizJournal Philadelphia Business Journal (Philadelphia, PA): Lauren Hertlzer is a new Reporter at the Philadelphia Business Journal (@PHLBizJournal).

inforum The Forum (Fargo, ND):  Sherri Richards (@sherririchards) is now the Business Editor at The Forum (@inforum). Richards was previously Features Reporter at the publication.

KWQC News KWQC-TV (Davenport, IA): Richard Kurz has been named News Director at KWQC-TV (@kwqcnews).

Delaware Today Delaware Magazine/Delaware Today (Wilmington, DE): Editor-in-Chief Maria Hess has left Delaware Today (@delawaretoday) and Delaware Bride.

NBC 6 South Florida WTVJ-TV (Miami, FL): Investigative Reporter Tony Pipitone has joined WTVJ-TV (@NBC6)

KIRO 7 KIRO-TV (Seattle, WA): Rob Munoz (@ActionNewsRob) has joined  the station (@kiro7seattle) as a News Reporter. He was previously at WFTS-TV (@abcactionnews)  in Tampa, FL.

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MEDIA News: Media Moves at The New York Times, CNBC, Newsweek & More Newswire’s Audience Research Department makes thousands of updates to the  database of journalists and bloggers that underpins our Agility media targeting and distribution platform.  Below is a sampling of recent media moves and news from the research team.  Learn more about Agility media targeting here.

The New York Times The New York Times (New York, NY): Investigative Reporter Michael Luo (@michaelluo) and Metro Political Editor David Halbfinger (@halbfinger) have both been promoted to Deputy Metro Editor. Also Columnist Bill Keller has left the Times (@NYTimes) for nonprofit news startup (@MarshallProj).

CNBC CNBC (New York, NY): Former @WSJ writer John Jannarone (@jannarone) has started his new position @CNBC as Senior Writer.

Newsweek Newsweek (New York, NY): Zach Schonfeld (@zzzzaaaacccchhh) joined @Newsweek as a Culture and Entertainment Reporter.

Wall Street JournalThe Wall Street Journal (New York, NY): Retirement Reporter Kelly Greene (@kelleygreeneWSJ) is no longer with the paper. Greene joined @WSJ in 1996 and began covering retirement in 2000.

PBS NewsHour PBS NewsHour (Arlington, VA): Quinn Bowman (@quinnbowman) returns to PBS NewsHour (@pbsnewshour) as the Capitol Hill News Producer.

HouBizJournal Houston Business Journal (Houston, TX): Jordan Blum (@JDBlum23) has joined the Journal (@HOUBizJournal) as the Energy Reporter. Blum previously served as the Bureau Chief for The Advocate in Washington, D.C.

Country Living Country Living (New York, NY): Former Biz Bash Media Editor Lauren Matthews (@laurenmatthews) is the new Senior Web Editor at @CountryLiving.

Family CircleFamily Circle (New York, NY): Suzanne Rust (@suzannerust) is now the Lifestyle Editor at (@FamilyCircle). Rust’s responsibilities will include Planning, Production and other related editorial duties.

The Plain Dealer The Plain Dealer (Cleveland, OH): Mary Lou Brink (@maryloubrink) has been named the new Business Editor for the daily (@ThePlainDealer).

People magazinePeople Magazine (New York, NY): Andrea Lavinthal (@andilavs) has been promoted to Style and Beauty Director. She has been with @peoplemag since 2012.

AOL Travel

AOL Travel (New York, NY): Jake Thiewes has left his position as Editor. No replacement has been named.

ESPNESPN (Bristol, CT): Lisa Kerney has joined @ESPN as a Studio Anchor.

ELLE Magazine (US) Elle Magazine (New York, NY): Ali Finney has joined the magazine as Beauty Assistant. She will report on Trends related to Hair, Skin and Cosmetics.

TV Guide TV Guide Magazine (New York, NY): Bruce Fretts (@brucefretts) has left his current position as Articles Editor but remains as a Contributor at the magazine (@tvguide).

1450 WCTC WCTC-AM (Somerset, NJ): Beginning February 18th, Dennis Miller (DennisDMZ) will join air staff (@1450WCTC) at the talk radio station.

WLKY WLKY-TV (Louisville, KY): The Courier-Journal’s (@courierjournal).Breaking News Reporter Mark Vanderhoff (@WLKYMark) joins the CBS station (@WLKY) as an Investigative Reporter/Producer.

Daily Item Sports The Daily Item (Sunbury, PA): Todd Stanford (@ToddRStanford) takes over as Sports Editor (@dailyitemsports) replacing Harold Raker who is putting down the pen after 42 years of service.

C&P Top News Evansville Courier & Press (Evansville, IN): Daniel Allar (@ECP_Allar) is now a Sports Reporter at C&P (@courierpress).

The Journal-RegisterThe Journal Register (Medina, NY): Corey Desiderio (@cpdesi) is the new Sports Editor @JournalRegister.

Monterey Herald

Monterey County Herald (Monterey, CA): Santa Cruz Sentinel Editor Don Miller (@dmiller_sc) was also named Editor of Monterey County Herald (@MontereyHerald) replacing Royal Calkins.

KRON 4 News KRON-TV (San Francisco, CA): KRON-TV (@kron4news) will be relocating into ABC-owned KGO-TV (@abc7newsbayarea) facility. KRON will remain independent.

RecordPubRecord-Courier (Kent, OH): Sara Welch (@rcsportsnow) is now @RecordPub as a Sports Reporter.

SunCoast Sports Now Charlotte Sun (Port Charlotte, FL): Josh Vitale (@JoshVitale) is the new Sports Reporter/Blogger at @SunCoastSports.

Herald-TribuneSarasota Herald-Tribune (Sarasota, FL): Education Reporter Katy Bergen (@KatyBergen) is now a Sports Performance Reporter @HeraldTribune.

keyetv KEYE-TV (Austin, TX): Long-time KEYE-TV (@keyetv) Anchor Judy Maggio has announced her retirement this May.

KMOV KMOV-TV (St.Louis, MO): News Director Sean McLaughlin (@seanmcl3939) has announced he will be leaving the CBS affiliate (@KMOV). He is slated to become the Vice President of News for E.W. Scripps.

FOX 4 NEWSKDFW-TV (Dallas,TX):  Longtime KDFW (@FOX4) Meteorologist Ron Jackson has announced his retirement after serving at the station for 32 years.

WPRI-TV (East Providence, RI): Shannon Hegy (@ShannonHegy) has joined the newsroom as an Anchor/Reporter.

NBC Connecticut WVIT-TV (West Hartford, CT): Matt Piacente (@MattPiacente) becomes the News Director here (@NBCConnecticut).

WCVB-TV BostonWCVB-TV (Needham, MA): After 25 years with the station (@wcvb), Veteran Sports Reporter Mike Dowling (@MDowlingWCVB) will say good-bye on February 21st.

95.5 WPLJ WPLJ-FM (New York, NY): Long-time Radio Personally Scott Shannon, co-host of The Scott and Todd Morning Show, has exited his post at (@955PLJ). Shannon has served at the station for 23 years.
GoodDayOregon KPTV-TV (Beaverton, OR): Anchor/Reporter Anthony Congi (@AnthonyCongi) has announced he is set to begin his new role as Anchor of the Morning Newscast “Good Day Oregon” (@GoodDayOregon) in March.

KHOU 11 News Houston KHOU-TV (Houston, TX): Brad Woodard, Emmy Award-winning Anchor/Reporter, has exited his post at this NBC Affiliate (@KHOU).

Mix 94.7 AustinKAMX-FM (Austin, TX): Jay Styles has started his job as new Music Director/Afternoon DJ at this Adult Contemporary station (@Mix947Austin).

MyFoxHouston.comKRIV-TV (Houston, TX): Former WXII-TV (@WXII) North Carolina Reporter Rob Wu is now a Reporter with here (@MyFoxHouston).

The State NewspaperThe State (Columbia, SC): Sara Johnson Borton has been named President/Publisher of this Capital newspaper (@thestate).

WATE 6 News WATE-TV (Knoxville, TN): Former WATE-TV (@6News) Reporter Josh Ault (@joshaultnbc5) has left the ABC affiliate and joined KXAS-TV (@NBCDFW) in Fort Worth.

102.9 NOWKDMX-FM/KDGE-FM (Dallas, TX): Jay Shannon takes over as Program Director for these Clear Channel stations – KDMX-FM (@mix1029dfw) and KDGE-FM (@1021Edge) – in mid-March.

5NEWSONLINEKFSM-TV (Fort Smith, AR): Shelby Hays will join this CBS affiliate (@5news) as a Meteorologist when she graduates from University of Oklahoma this Spring.

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NY1 Noticias NY1 Noticias (New York, NY): As of March 1st, Roberto Lacayo (@RobertoLacayo) will be the Executive Editor for NY1 Latino (@NY1noticias).

CS Magazine CS Chicago Social (Chicago, IL): The Modern Luxury publication (@CSchicagosocial) has named David Zivan as the new Editor-in-Chief of the Chicago luxury lifestyle magazine. He most recently served as Editor of Music Inc. at Mather Publications.

The Paducah SunThe Paducah Sun (Paducah, KY): Steve Wilson joins the daily (@PaducahSunNews) as Executive Editor, replacing Duke Conover (@DukeConover), who is no longer with the publication. Wilson comes from the Kentucky Enquirer (@kyenquirer), where he served as Editor.

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4 Things PR Must Do to Leverage Digital Media

Should PR take control of content marketing?”

That question was posed by Craig Pearce on Jeff Bullas’ blog today. My answer is a qualified “Yes.”

As a content marketer who has spent the last two decades in the PR realm, I am wholly convinced that PR should be marching in lock step with content marketing (as well as its cousin, social media.) Commingling content tactics and strategies to achieve brand objectives and fully capitalize on the digital media environment is an imperative for communicators.

Join us on Feb. 26 for a free webinar on press release tactics that will drive results.

Join us on Feb. 26 for a free webinar on press release tactics that will drive results.

More specifically, PR should have a primary role in shaping the brand’s content strategy: PR teams are the story tellers, they are the influence-wranglers, they are the strategists who build reputation and chart the communications course for the brand when the going gets tough. Craig offers great advice for pumping up PR messaging with content marketing tactics in his post, and I’m in complete agreement with his suggestions.  This is a green field of opportunity for PR pros to expand the value they deliver to their organizations, garnering influence within the organization and budget for the department.

But not everyone is PR is jumping on board the digital media bandwagon.  From my vantage point here at PR Newswire, where I talk to PR pros daily, where I scan press releases continually and where I spend a lot of time following conversations about PR on various forums, I see four hurdles that could keep some PR pros from leveraging content marketing as a PR tool, and instead wind up ceding ownership of external influence to their colleagues in marketing.

Hence, the qualification in my answer, which is this: PR must leverage content marketing and digital media, but to do so, the public relations team must do the following:

  • Align content to the organization’s prospects’ buying cycle  
  • Develop messaging that serves the audience first (and in so doing, serves the brand.)
  • Fully understand and embrace social media
  • Get really serious about measuring outcomes, not output.

Here’s what I mean.

Alignment with the buying cycle:  It’s not unusual to hear PR pros eschew outcomes such as lead generation when talking about publicity strategies. But let’s face it – in an era when we can map the course each new prospect took across the web and social media before winding up in our marketing funnels, ignoring the opportunity to influence the organization’s success and to quantify the PR team’s efforts is a losing proposition.  Smart PR pros will use the personas, buying states and other content marketing data points to inform their own editorial calendars and content creation strategies.

Audience first messaging:  One lesson PR can really learn from content marketers is how to speak the audiences’ language.  Content marketers trade heavily in information that is interesting and useful to their target markets, and they’re generating social proof and even earning media with that content. I’ve heard numerous accounts of content marketers who have approached their PR teams with a pitch or idea, only to be shot down when the information isn’t deemed “newsworthy.”   If PR is going to own content marketing, the definition of “newsworthy” needs to expand dramatically to encompass that which is interesting and useful to the audience.

Social media as an influence engine: While traditional earned media still carries enormous value, social proof is playing an important role in shaping opinion – and driving search engine results.  The savviest public relations professionals are making deft use of the influential power of social channels by building engaged brand presences and fostering interaction with their audiences – and winning loyalty and lasting visibility as a result.  PR pros who fail to embrace social and digital media are in effect abdicating their organizations’ most influential attention markets and influence networks to other communication disciplines.

Measurement: It’s time to abandon vague numbers once and for all.  Estimations, impressions and (worst of all) equivalencies are relics from an era when measurement was difficult if not impossible.  That’s no longer the case.  The data our organizations have allows us to set starting benchmarks and then chart subsequent growth and change.  We can measure things like branding and awareness – which seemed pretty vague a few years ago – with a mix of metrics relating to social conversation volumes, mentions and search term use (to name a few) – enabling PR teams to accurately describe how their efforts changed audience behavior.

But wait, there’s more.  We can now understand the quality of the attention generated, as measured by the subsequent actions of the newly acquired audience.  Did the people who read your press release take another step, sharing it with their own social networks (and thus amplifying your message, a new metric worth charting) or clicking on a link you embedded?

new school cover

Read about Jive’s success (and see other real-life examples) in this free eBook.

One PR Newswire client, Jive Software Inc., was challenged by their CMO to improve the conversion rate of their press releases.  We tweaked their formatting, and the changes resulted in a 200% increase in traffic to a web page the company was promoting.

Another client, SecureState LLC, shared with us that the press releases they use to promote their blog posts are a leading source of new prospects, as measured by new names in their marketing database.

These are a couple examples of smart PR teams fully leveraging outbound communications to generate qualified inbound traffic.

It’s crucial to realize that all content published by a brand is easily found and consumed by a variety of audiences. Prospective customers are reading press releases.  Journalists are scanning marketing materials.  Regulators read blog posts.   Your organization may be siloed still, but your digital content isn’t.  This is why it’s so important for public relations teams to embrace new outcomes, and not be afraid to embed a landing page in a press release or to add marketing-type measurement to the department KPIs.

In my mind, truly, content marketing and PR really do belong together.  Audience interest and earned attention are at the core of each.  Rather than pursuing separate strategies, many brands are finding success by merging the two, using interesting content to earn media and using the attention PR wins to drive new customer acquisition.
Author Sarah Skerik is PR Newswire’s vice president of content marketing, and is the author of  the ebooks Driving Content Discovery and  New School Press Release Tactics.  Follow her on Twitter at @sarahskerik.