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One Message, Lots of Impact: the Art of Creating Content that Motivates

ContentWeLovePeople who watch a lot of online videos are likely to spend more money on holiday gifts this year, and more than a quarter of these big spenders are planning to buy all their gifts online.

That’s a heck of a news hook, certainly.  But there’s more to it than that.

A snippet of the accompanying infographic. Click the image to see the full size version.

A snippet of the accompanying infographic. Click the image to see the full size version.

What I love about today’s Content We Love example is twofold. The company issuing the survey results, Videology, is doing a great job of promoting a piece of their own content by surfacing the newsy elements, writing a really good press release, adding an infographic and distributing the whole package to the media.

(Link to the release: Heavy Video Viewers 57% More Likely to Spend on Holiday Gifts)

However, the way the PR team packaged the story will help direct resulting any news coverage advantageously for the brand.

In the messaging, the company also speaks directly to their target audiences, at several times tying data findings to opportunities for video advertisers – the market to which the company sells.

However, that commentary is skillfully handled in this release and doesn’t feel advertorial.  It’s embedded in a quote and offered as interpretation of the data.  In this example, the expert opinion in the press release serves up the company’s value proposition in a credible way.

It’s a smart approach that does a nice job of blending really interesting news (that I’m certain will garner good media coverage for Videology) with key messaging for the audience that is intended to motivate potential buyers.

This is a great example of the confluence of public relations and content marketing. We know that earned media can have a significant and powerful influence on potential buyers as they’re doing the research and making their decisions

Public relations teams who align messaging with their brands’ buyers journeys (as we see in this example)  can do more than simply spark media coverage. They can influence demand generation, attract qualified leads and have a significant impact on the organization’s revenue.

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